Resilience For Caregivers

I can remember my mother placing a cool compress on my head when I had a high fever. I can visualize the care. I can remember my grandmother's home made dumplings. I am sure that they had some magic love injected inside them. I can remember my grandfather's hugs and kisses; I can hug myself virtually in the same way to this day. Yes, I can even remember the family Dr. visiting my home and tending to my brother when he was ill with the mumps. Although I was glad when he left; I now understand that making this home visit was in large measure part of my brother's recovery.  What do you remember? How do you care? What happens when compassionate caring is a collaborative effort? What happens to the caregiver in the process? Contemplative Care is an approach to caregiving that incorporates mindfulness practice, presence and awareness. In this series you will discover the resilient impact that compassionate action can have for both caregiver and for those who receive the benefit of that care. October 7 @ 9:30 AM - October 8 @ 3:00 PM. Email Joy at to register.