Bring Awareness Into All You Do

During the course of my day, I stop…..and ask …… I aware that I am eating, dreaming, walking, talking? If awareness seems to be escaping consciousness, then there is a short and effective way of balancing internal energy and cultivating a more consistent present moment awareness……it is the distribution of Qi.

Cultivating a peaceful mind and the regulation of the body is the goal of Qi Gong. Breath work is integrated as a strategy that alters the balance of  yin and yang in the body. Inhalations and exhalations are equalized throughout the body while maintaining and rebuilding the wellness of the internal organs.

While you walk, or bake or paint or ice skate or run……….be aware………..take the momentary awareness and focus on the breath. Inhale and exhale in synchrony with the movement of the body……..there you will induce a harmonious bio magnetic outcome that will lead to an ultimate opening of the heart through this most natural course of Qi Gong.

We are so fortunate to have a Qi Gong master joining us this summer. Dave Nahon will bring us home………he will bring us to inhabit our bodies and elicit harmony through the teaching and practice of Qi Gong and show us the path of integrating the experience into our daily life.